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IAM Sensor

IAM Sensor Remote Decorative Faceplate
IAM Unit & Remote Sensor Faceplate

IAM Controller

IAM-C Controller    

Murco IAM Range (Integrated Area Monitor)

The IAM range of monitors consists of IAM sensors and IAM-C panels.

The IAM sensor is a preset alarm system that combines sensor and monitor in an integrated unit. It is a stand-alone system used to detect gases in an area, room, zone, airspace or airflow.

Up to 16 IAM’s can connect to an IAM-C panel. This panel shows the sensor in alarm and has mains rated relays for control purposes. These panels can be connected to each other enabling the construction of large gas detector systems.

The Integrated Area Monitor (IAM ) sensors can be used for:

  • detecting refrigerant gases including ammonia, halocarbons, and hydrocarbons – HFCs, HCFCs, CFCs.
  • speedy detection of combustible gases including methane, propane, butane, LPG, and hydrogen.
  • detection of VOC gases including acetone, benzene, carbon tetrachloride, chloroform, ethanol, toluene, trichloroethylene and many more.

The IAM series enables compliance with all the necessary regulatory, legal and insurance requirements.

  • Legislation: F Gas Regulation, EH40
  • Standards: EN378, ASHRAE 15, ASHRAE 147
  • Regulatory Approvals: UL, CE, CSA, IEC and EN

Ideal for:  air conditioning, hotels, hospitals, schools, conference rooms, theatres, office blocks, apartments, airports, leisure centres, shopping malls.

PDFIAM Product Literature (including list of gases)

PDF IAM Refrigeration Product Guide April 2013

PDF Application Note – BREEAM Credits for Murco Leak Detectors

 IAM Installation, Operation & Calibration Manual 1000-0087 Rev 1

IAM Annual Test Record

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